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Module 3

This week I wanted to focus on the beauty surrounding me that gives me inspiration. I took more photos than expected, but only decided to share a few.

The aesthetic that flowers bring into a home is wonderful. Fresh or fake, makes no difference, they are beautiful.



On one of my walks, the roots reminded me of my upbringing and all of the love that my family shares.



The heart puddle amazed me while I was in East Pittsburgh. There was not a drop of rain around but this puddle in the shape of a heart amazed many as we stood and celebrated life and mourned death.

Heart Puddle - copy

Heart Puddle



Module 2 – Quality Time with Family

This week I was fortunate enough to be able to spend time with my family this past and celebrate the birthday of my nephew. When we are together, it is always a great time. There are always my inspiration and also the focus of this week’s photos. Included in the photo’s are my mother’s hands, a portrait of my nephew, and a bridge that I found attractive on the way to our gathering. Enjoy!

Aged Hands copy

Aged Hands

Dono copy


Bridge copy

Arches and Angles


Module 1 Blog

Welcome!  As an artist and photography novice, I thought I would try my hand at capturing parts of my life that I would like to share with the world. My life includes trying and engaging in new experiences so this should be interesting. Enjoy!

As a lover of all things creative, I am surrounded by so many talented friends, family members, and colleagues. Many of them (including myself) delve into various aspects of the arts. One of my favorite past times is to visit art museums or visit murals painted throughout the city. I love to look at the art and write poetry or songs to reflect the art or what I think the artist is attempting to portray. As a creative, art is a foundation in my life and it helps keep me sane in this crazy world we live in.

Along with art, I love to travel and do my best to capture the essence of the culture that I am surrounded by. Very recently, I traveled to Bali and found such immense peace and spirituality. What I was able to capture is a form of art in itself. During my trip, I have never felt so calm and stressfree in my life. It was hard for me to come back. I could have stayed there for a while without missing home.


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