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Let’s Connect

Global connection
  1. a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else.
I’m all about keeping in touch and connecting with new people/businesses. We surely can learn from one another and even collaborate on a few projects.
I would love for you to keep in touch and for me to be able to connect with you on any of my social media platforms.
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Fearlessly Fearful

The month of January was exceptionally busy for me as I am preparing for my book release in May. It included a photo shoot, website creation, creating business cards and invitations….along with all of the other daily/weekly activities for myself and daughter. It felt like I was drowning but with a smile on my face. Crossing things off my list felt GOOT! There is more to do and I am up to the challenge.

Fear had me stuck without action inside my dreams for a long time. I made a conscious decision to try to let go of the fear, but even if I didn’t completely, I would still proceed with the hope that the fear will diminish. I can not and will not let fear cripple me any longer. I am still fearful but also excited for my future and the opportunities that will come my way. It’s time to make moves.

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