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Full Steam Ahead


I am in the process of really getting down and dirty about my intentions and issues of my heart. This is not an easy task as it requires me to be very intentional about my feelings and what is causing those feelings. Along with this, I have been meeting with some very influential women about my business and brand. Their ideas have sparked thoughtful, innovative conversations about my future, what I want, and what I am willing to sacrifice.

Lately my time has been sparse and I have had so much to do. I feel like I have 3 full time jobs…my corporate job, my business, and motherhood but time management is my friend. While I enjoy all 3, things came sometimes become overbearing. I have created a schedule where I can get most things done throughout the week. I have decided that I will have to spend less time sleeping and more time working in order to achieve my goals but it will be worthwhile.

I am excited for the future but am living in the present and will reap the rewards of both.

Check out my website, where my first collection of poetry, “The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned,” can be purchased.

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On my mind, In my heart


  1. When personal issues disrupt your business there is an issue. When you don’t keep your word, that is bad business and an issue. When you can’t own up to mistakes there is an issue. Don’t let this be you. Do the right thing, live with integrity, and an over pouring of blessings will come your way.
  2. There was a time in my life where all I had was time and didn’t know what to do with it. Now that I have decided to move forward and pursue a few things I have been wanting to do, I don’t know where I have the time to get anything done. However, I am keeping the faith that all will be provided for me and that time will not be an issue. I am going after the desires of my heart and keeping Hope ALIVE!!!
  3. It is important for me to be intentional with the expression of my feelings and what I want in/from life.
  4. Being able to connect with others through written word only confirms that I am living in my purpose. The gratitude I feel is immeasurable.

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#SelfCare is extremely to your health. I don’t just mean getting your hair done or pedi’s and mani’s. I’m talking about truly caring for yourself. Spending time to reflect about things close to your heart, taking time to enjoy silence, making changes in your life that you have placed on the back burner, and getting to know the real you.

I write a lot and consider it part of my self care regimen. It frees me! It gives me and outlet and the ability to express myself in creative way. Not to mention, it is very relaxing.

What ways do you care for yourself?

Remember to love yourself and take time for you.

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I’ve missed you!

The Unspoken-Book Cover

It’s been too long since I’ve last blogged. For those that do not know, my first book was published on May 14th….WOOHOO!!!

The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned” is a powerful collection of poetry that provides nourishment to the soul. Intentionally, yet unapologetically vulnerable, this poetry captures the silent and not-­‐so-­‐silent echoes
from the heart. These melodic echoes become stirred once confronted with our emotions based on varying life circumstances. Through triumphs and even tears, once learned, these valuable lessons ultimately help create a better

Order your copy here!

I am still so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal after so many years. I have been extremely busy over the past few months and at times it feels too good to be true. My plate is FULL…with a FT job, being a single mother, and my book…can you say tired?

In the midst of all that is happening, I am continuing to write and aiming to be my most authentic self. Have you ever felt like every experience you have gone through has been worth it? That is exactly where I am, right NOW. I am grateful for everyone and everything that has entered and exited my life. This natural high that have is giving me so much…LIFE…HA!

The support I have received with the release of my collection of poetry, “The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned” has been more than words can describe. I am overwhelmed and extremely elated.

Don’t forget to place your order for the hottest book in the streets right now, “The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned”. 🙂

Check out my website for updated information, events, and to sign up for my newsletter,

Until next time, remember you ARE ENOUGH. Remain authentic. Embrace life and all of its intricacies and love like there is no tomorrow.

Day Seven – SAD and Vitamin D #write31days

The one thing about living in the south for most of my adult life and then relocating back to the northeast is the lack of sunlight. In my self diagnosis, I think I have developed seasonal affective disorder. Today is the first day this season I am feeling the effects. I normally get into a slump and have to turn all the lights on in the house all day. The measures I take stay upbeat are actually funny but they work most of the time but I crave natural sunlight. However, through all of the dancing, praying, and staying busy, I make it through.

Day Six – The DVR and Feminism #write31days

I often find myself to busy to sit down and enjoy the shows I love at the time they air. My DVR is my best friend. I am able to record my shows and watch them throughout the week when I find time. I have noticed that within those shows, there are some very powerful women.

Carrie Mathison in Homeland
Meredith and Miranda in Grey’s
Krisitna Braverman in Parenthood
Annalise Keating in How to Get Away with Murder
Olivia Pope in Scandal
Elizabeth Keen in The Blacklist
Olivia Benson in Law & Order: SVU
Crystal McGuire in Legends
Elizabeth McCord in Madame Secretary
……just to name a few.

I can clearly remember before 2000 when women didn’t have many of these types of roles. Now while I’m happy to see women in leading roles, the on screen percentage is no more than 42% ( I’m sure the actual on-screen time between men actors and women actors differs tremendously. It only makes sense right (….enter sarcastic laugh here…).  While the increase may seem impressive to some, it is not enough. Hence once of the needs we still need feminism.

Along, with fighting for equal on-screen time and increased women actors in leading roles, there are other pressing issues that also needs attention such as: female genital mutilation, rape, child brides, criminalized pregnancy, infanticide, honor killings, employment law, restricted freedom, forced prostitution, and disfigurement.


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Day Five – My Friends are My Sisters #write31days

I only have one sibling, my brother. We are 11 months and 3 weeks apart. We are the same age every year for one week (yeah my parents were getting it…HA!). I’ve always wanted a sister and my close circle of about 6-7 friends have become my sisters. They hold me down and never hesitate to tell me when I’m wrong. I know which sister to go to my certain needs because let’s be real they are all cut from a different cloth. I may not talk to them all the time but we can definitely pick up from where we left off.

So…to my two sisters in Pittsburgh, one in Cincinnati, one in Detroit, one in Fayetteville, and two in Atlanta…I love you with all my heart!

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Day Three – Comfort in Browness #write31days

You will not conform my ideas, my creativity, or spirituality. Nor will you change how I feeI have worked hard for 38 years to get to this state of comfort.

There was a time when I felt lost and wouldn’t speak up for what I wanted. I kind of just slid between the cracks. I, then, became the pro-black, super outspoken, blunt, angry chick that didn’t take shit from anyone. I didn’t care about anyone’s feelings and did what was needed to get what I want.

Those days are long gone and I am renewed. In have worked tiredlessly to get to this place and love the skin I’m in.

Day Two – Hidden Trauma #write31days

October 2, 2014

When I was younger, I became a victim. I was molested and raped….molested at about 5 and raped at 15. I did not tell anyone until the age of 24/25. There were a series of dreams I began to have reliving both of those horrific experiences. It was like I put them in a locked safe in my mind until I felt I was ready to deal with them. I think that is exactly what happened. I faced them head on. So I went to talk to someone because I thought it was better to talk to someone unbiased first. It turns out that was not the case for me. First, the doctor was a woman BUT she was old and Caucasian. Not that I have any against white folks but there was a connection barrier and I felt she wasn’t getting it. She didn’t speak my language, to say the least, so I stopped seeing her.

I finally was able to tell my mother and she was devastated but understood why I chose to be alone in this. She was there when I needed her. I talked to others who experienced the same as I. I was angry. I took my anger out on those closest to me. I went to anger management. It helped. I began to love me more. I became more compassionate to those around me. I prayed. I listened more. I struggled. I survived. I became whole.

Looking back, I now understand why some of my actions occurred. Not excusing any of it….there were just unresolved issues. I needed an escape and instead of healthy verbal conversation, I performed contradictory acts.

When women keep the pain of unwanted acts against them inside, I understand. When others advise those women to seek help, I understand. It takes time to heal from such deplorable. In some cases, it may take a lifetime but the healing process is well worth.

Day One – Feminism #write31days

October 1, 2014

So I have decided to take part in the 31 day writing challenge. As I was pondering on what to write about a topic keep tapping the outermost part of my cranium. Now oddly enough, I have never thought of myself as one. I have always been extremely passionate about the justice of all people, specifically those of color….and it is still one of the most influential topics for how I live my life. However, I am a woman. I embrace me as a woman and expect to be treated fairly, as a woman. When I think about all of the influences in my life, the majority of them are women. My closest friends are women. My daughters will grow up to be women. My mother is a woman. I do a lot of research and I always look to see how many women and people of color are involved. So without saying much more, for the next 30 days I will be writing about feminism.





the advocacy of women’s rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men.


Why shouldn’t I advocate for the rights of myself and other women? I am a woman, right? Over the past few months, I have been intentionally quiet on a few issues, just observing and reading. It is unbelievable how many women (and men) don’t see the need for all women to be treated fairly. Or are hypocrites or picky about what issues are important to women. We all come a woman so why wouldn’t we want women to be treated equal to men. To be paid the same wages as men. To be afforded the same opportunities as men. Not to be looked down upon or stereotyped into certain box. I’m appalled at some of the comments that I have heard and read.

You should be ashamed!!!

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