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Triumpant Living

Last week I was mentally stuck and drained because of fear. I could just not get out of my own head and was operating in total fear. I was paralyzed and did not do a creative thing. This is not okay, especially when I know I serve a higher power that is greater than anything I’m faced with.

I know I am capable of great things and at time remain stuck in fear and doubt. But as you know trouble does not last forever. Trouble will not own me, I will own it!

I am determined to live triumphantly. I will live boldly and fearlessly because I have the mind of Christ. This is my year. I have so many goals and great things in front of me. Let’s go…


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2 thoughts on “Triumpant Living

  1. Wow.

    This is very powerful

    I, too, am fueled by the same force that enables you.

    Thank you for your kind reminder.


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