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Authentically Me through Freedom, Authenticity, Gratitude, and Love

I’ve missed you!

The Unspoken-Book Cover

It’s been too long since I’ve last blogged. For those that do not know, my first book was published on May 14th….WOOHOO!!!

The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned” is a powerful collection of poetry that provides nourishment to the soul. Intentionally, yet unapologetically vulnerable, this poetry captures the silent and not-­‐so-­‐silent echoes
from the heart. These melodic echoes become stirred once confronted with our emotions based on varying life circumstances. Through triumphs and even tears, once learned, these valuable lessons ultimately help create a better

Order your copy here!

I am still so proud of myself for accomplishing this goal after so many years. I have been extremely busy over the past few months and at times it feels too good to be true. My plate is FULL…with a FT job, being a single mother, and my book…can you say tired?

In the midst of all that is happening, I am continuing to write and aiming to be my most authentic self. Have you ever felt like every experience you have gone through has been worth it? That is exactly where I am, right NOW. I am grateful for everyone and everything that has entered and exited my life. This natural high that have is giving me so much…LIFE…HA!

The support I have received with the release of my collection of poetry, “The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned” has been more than words can describe. I am overwhelmed and extremely elated.

Don’t forget to place your order for the hottest book in the streets right now, “The Unspoken: A Better Life From Lessons Learned”. 🙂

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Until next time, remember you ARE ENOUGH. Remain authentic. Embrace life and all of its intricacies and love like there is no tomorrow.


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