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Poem of the Day

the journey
in my mind takes
me to unfamiliar places worthy
of greatness
© 2015 Denele D Biggs

#BlackPoetsSpeakOut: “They Say” by Denele D. Biggs

My name is Denele D. Biggs. I am a black poet who will not remain silent while this nation murders black people. I have a right to be angry. They Say is a poem I wrote in response to all of the senseless violence occurring by this nation.  Click “Show More” to read poem:

They say

They say imitation is the best form of flattery but they kill us.
….embrace the culture but not our lives

They say….he stole cigars.
Hands up. Don’t Shoot!
They say…..he has a criminal past. He broke up a fight.
His hands were up. He was put in a choke hold. We can’t breathe.
They say he pointed a BB gun.
We can’t breathe.

They ridicule. We hear snide remarks. We can’t breathe.
They say they do not understand the uproar. The protests. Our anger. We can’t breathe.
They joke and laugh. Complain about the die-ins.
What about our lives? We matter! We can’t breathe.

They don’t understand
And probably never will.

we Deserve, we Demand justice. we Can’t Breathe.
You are free.
YOU, walk among this earth freely while we,
black girls and boys, black women and men,
have died and are dying at your hands
For naught.

We can’t breathe!
We cannot breathe!!
I can’t breathe!!!

© 2014 Denele D Biggs

Fearlessly Fearful

The month of January was exceptionally busy for me as I am preparing for my book release in May. It included a photo shoot, website creation, creating business cards and invitations….along with all of the other daily/weekly activities for myself and daughter. It felt like I was drowning but with a smile on my face. Crossing things off my list felt GOOT! There is more to do and I am up to the challenge.

Fear had me stuck without action inside my dreams for a long time. I made a conscious decision to try to let go of the fear, but even if I didn’t completely, I would still proceed with the hope that the fear will diminish. I can not and will not let fear cripple me any longer. I am still fearful but also excited for my future and the opportunities that will come my way. It’s time to make moves.

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