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Thangs, Editing, and more Thangs

Happy New Year! Let’s get right to it…

Don’t you hate being blamed for stuff you didn’t do? Yeah, me too!!!

It works my last nerve and all I can do to avoid an argument is walk away. There was a time when I would argue someone down but I’ve learned to let ignorance stay in its place. I can’t and need my energy for useful things. So with that said … believe what you want while I know the facts. Gon head with that bs.

On another note, I’ve been procrastinating the final editing of my book and finally started today. It wasn’t as painful as I thought and I should be done in no time. I need to secure a photographer for the cover and that should do it. I’m starting to get excited…yippee!

Lastly, I haven’t been feeling good or feeling like me lately. I worked out today and it felt great to rid of those toxins. I was sweating up something serious. Duty calls….motherhood…gotta go. Until next time.


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