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I’m all over the place!

Since I have moved back to Pgh, why is it every year from the end of Sept to right around March I feel like I am stuck in sink hole. Nothing I do helps with the way I feel. I do NOT like this feeling. It sucks the life out of me and all I want to do is lay in bed. 

So in one of my relationships, I have noticed subtle changes in certain behaviors. I have mentioned it a few times but not dwelled on it, thinking maybe it’s just me or the person is just going through. However, things are tying together in a weird way and making more sense as the days come and go. 

In the past I had a difficult time letting go of anger quickly and seemed to dwell on broken promises, hurtful words/deeds, and focusing on the wrong in my life. I had love all around me and couldn’t seem to shake hurt (whether it is publicly known or not). 

Seems it’s the season for breaking up, Don’t know why we keep making up. Love come inside and live within me rent free. My longing is for you.


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One thought on “I’m all over the place!

  1. You just spoke the very things I feel and I suspect I need to let my feelings outward on pen and paper or via an updated blog post before I burst! Hang in there hunny…this too shall pass! (((hugs)))

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