All Of Me and My Journey…

Authentically Me through Freedom, Authenticity, Gratitude, and Love


I am tired. Tired of dealing with the same. The same struggles day in and day out. Outside of experiencing professional issues there are personal issue that I have been battling. This battle is getting old and I want it all to just go away. Away and never come back, ya know. I know that struggle makes you stronger and it’s all a part of life but can a sista catch a break? A break from all of this nonsense. The nonsense that is clouding my brain and tormenting my feelings. These feelings of uncertainty, fear, pain, love, heartbreak, loneliness, moodiness (happiness, sadness, anger), excitement….all at the same dame time. It time to be on the upswing of life. Life is too short to stuck in this place. This place of confusion.





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