All Of Me and My Journey…

Authentically Me through Freedom, Authenticity, Gratitude, and Love

Kills me!

Some of today’s thoughts…..

I never will understand why people can’t take questions. Isn’t that how you learn? You ask questions.

Why are people so contradictive? If you don’t want something to happen to you then I feel it would be wise for you not to do it to others. What you put out in the universe is what is reciprocated.

We learn by doing but by the time you are a certain age you should put childish things aside.

I never will understand why people feel the need to continually lie. What is so bad about telling the truth. I know, I know….everyone lies. However, I feel that adults should act like adults and be honest in all aspects of life. Maybe I am too honest at times….who know.

Why is it easier people to judge others wen in actuality they probably should take a look in the mirror and begin there?

It kills me….people kill me



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